GGSC Summer League

Golden Goal Summer League first launched in the summer of 2015. With 3 divisions and 4 teams per divisions, the first league was created!

League is created by new recreational and competition players. All players being mixed, Golden Goal has a philosphy of new players experiencing competition, and competitive players becoming leaders by teaching new players the game. Has been a win, win experience to all.

For Summer League 2016, GGSC got bigger and played with 4 division. We also added a water fight after each game!

Statistics of goals, assists, and GK saves are recorded. At the end of the season, medals are awarded for the the top 3 leaders of each category. A player that is in all 3 categories automatically qualifies for the 4th category/trophy; MVP award.

Each division will play in drop-in style, therefore no championship teams are awarded as we focus more in individual player development.

 $80/player, $90/ non-resident.

New since 2017 summer league, Adult division!!

We're excited what the Summer League of 2018 will bring...

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2018 Summer League Stats:

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